Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008

In early closed beta: Just Leap In - 3D worlds on the web (Mac and PC)

It's still very early - one week old, no customizable avatars, no multi-user fuctionality yet, but the graphics are excellent, fast, with realistic lightning, physics and much more - and it all runs in any normal web browser as a lightweight plugin on Mac and PC.
No learning curve at all - anybody can create anything with it in minutes. The Canadian company announced more features to come, like multi-usability and customizable avatars (and user generated 3D content) and "Deep social network integration". We'll see. Of course there's the data portablilty problem more than ever - who is going to define/implement a standard for all those 3D worlds? We need to be able to jump from space to room to world looking vaguely alike like we are jumping from one web page to the next. Well take a look at this new world:

Video by: olympiodorus


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