Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

Lively not a "go lightly"

Consilieras office

My very cartoonish avatar sitting in a kind of bare office (visit it here and move around the furniture if you care) - this is what Google’s new 3D chat environment called Lively looks like. You can’t do much yet except picking stuff out of a catalog and arrange it (adding Hyperlinks or an occasional picture and YouTube video), but there are still a lot of issues to solve during the beta season (a lot of people have experienced the problem “being stuck at “joining room..”. You’ll have to create a brandnew Google account, sign in with that in any empty room and go through with creating your avatar, then everything should work fine. That worked for me even on a Mac using Boot Camp, Windows XP Pro and IE7.)

And although this is really far away from being usable as anything but chat (and we had that 12 years ago with Palace, eBar etc.) I think it’s important for the 3D web that someone like Google launched the product now. I’ll be happy to boot up Windows on my Mac if you care to meet me there and if you like to try out stuff. Just mail me.


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