Montag, 14. Juli 2008

Why do virtual worlds matter? Do real people matter to you?

Do people matter to your company’s products? Are you interested in new clients and reduced costs? If so, why aren’t you preparing your company for shared virtual environments / 3D Web / the Metaverse? Or did you think a private island in Second Life is the answer (it din’t work! Bummer)? Think of the year 1993. How did you do business back then? How did your product manager communicate news to customers? How did you stay in contact with your (international) clients and team mates? Did you have international clients back then?

There was no WWW yet. There was no IM (instead for geeks). There were very few mobile phones.

You didn’t watch YouTube videos on your iPhone back then. But you do now. And your costumers do, and the journalists, too. Well , it’s different now. What changed? Everything. The Web 1.0 changed our way to communicate - news, private communication, advertising, dating, meeting, making appointments and collaboration. The Web 2.0 is still changing everything - the information goes to the user, not the other way around, and you’re still trying to get a grasp on that while everybody is getting nuts about 3D virtual worlds.

Wasn’t that supposed to be just a hype? Second Life is dead, isn’t it? And now Google is doing stuff in 3D, too?

Why do people want to connect in a virtual, pixel based make-believe world when there’s phones or emails? Come on now. Think back. Remember. Then think forward and get used to it. Welcome to the new world. Scary, isn’t it? Well not for us. Here’s a nice short video about the scary stuff.


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